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Climber Updates
Today is: September 24, 2017


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    The Tree Climber's Coalition is an effort to create a non-competitive organization of recreational tree climbing enthusiasts that will bring together the individuals and organizations that would like to see recreational tree climbing receive credibility and accreditation within the outdoor adventure community and to create a center of communication for canopy adventurers, researchers and experiential educators.

    The Coalition mission is to encourage the relationships between recreational climbers and climbing organizations so as to benefit all who participate, while acknowledging the individual, independent climber as a viable force within the tree climbing community.

    A further goal would be to provide articles, references, and other resources that will benefit climbers and inform them of new ideas, gear, and techniques that exist and that can be applied to their climbing. Our Canopy Chatter forum has been created to allow participants to share ideas and information with each other.

    It is not the purpose of the coalition to compete with existing businesses, clubs, or organizations. Our primary mission is to facilitate, communicate and assist in gaining accreditation for a sport that has begun to take off.

    It is hoped that those of you who climb in the canopy will endorse our efforts and participate as regular visitors to this site.

    The Tree Climber Coalition is not a club. There are no officers, no dues, no by-laws and no meetings. It is a forum open to everyone interested in recreational tree climbing. The Tree Climber Coalition does not promote, support, or endorse the politicization of the activity of recreational tree climbing.

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