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It's Definitely Different

Author: Travis "Wild Man" Lott
Date: November 05, 2004
Indeed there is a difference between climbing out in the forest and climbing in the neighborhood. It took a while for the conclusion to set in, but since that conclusion took hold, I have changed the entire way that I go about climbing when I go off into the woods.

I like to hunt and during the off-season I will spend many hours just walking about through the woods scouting out places for the next season, and looking for spots that show a lot of deer signs. When I go on these walks I usually carry along my climbing gear and will look for a tree to climb at the same time that I'm looking for game. A lot of the trees that I climb for fun on these walks can be used as deer stands during the hunting season. No, I don't build stands in the trees, but I do like to look for big limbs that I can sit on while watching the animal trails.

It did not take long before I began to realize that I was carrying a whole lot of gear that I really didn't need. Those out there who don't believe this are invited to throw all their gear over their shoulder and go walk for several miles through an uphill-downhill forest with a lot of briars and underbrush and no trail and then see how fast you will start figuring out ways to leave some gear at home. I'm a gear head and I can't pass by the outdoor store without coming away with some new gadget that I am sure is going to revolutionize my entire life in the forest or up in the trees. This stuff is great for climbing in the back yard and every once in a great while I will buy something that I can use out there in the woods. Not often, though; No matter what new gear I buy I seem to keep going back to the basic stuff when it comes time to go off in the woods.

My climbing experience comes of having spent several weekends climbing with Joe Maher in the swamps of the Florida panhandle. I have never seen anyone who could climb so much with so little and yet be perfectly confident and safe while doing it. Anyone with a desire to go climbing in wild places would do well to consult with "Swampy Joe". Someday I would like to go along to the rainforest and see what it's all about.

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