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Second Saturday At Possum Top

Author: jmaher
Date: November 12, 2005
The Tree Climber Coalition hosted a “Second Saturday” climb on November 12 and a group of ten climbers showed up at the infamous Waffle House on Georgia 400 to go along for the climb at Possum Top, an area of old growth trees along a high ridge in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After a big breakfast, served by those lovely ladies of the mountains, we were all ready to climb and made a quick trip of the remaining thirty miles to the climbing area.

The group consisted of Peter Jenkins, Bill McDade, John, David, Ainsley, and Tom McCorkle from TCI, along with Jeff Newman, Wild Bill and Joe Maher from the Coalition. Davy Shaw was there to represent Tree Climbing USA. Ten climbers in all.

Once in the climbing area atop the ridge, the group split up and six different trees were climbed. Four of those trees involved “first ascents”. All of the trees were old growth giants and anyone that wanted could climb to more than a hundred feet. The weather was great; The mountains were in full fall splendor and the trees were offering three hundred and sixty degree views in all directions.

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