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Today is:March 16, 2017

More 2006 Panama Expedition Photos

Author: jmaher
Date: February 20, 2006
Some more photos from our recreational climbing in Panama show Tom Lyon in the upper left photo as a tiny little figure high in the embrace of the “Graduation Tree”, a huge ceiba located a few miles from the ITEC station.

In the photo at the upper right is Tom climbing straight from our boat into a really large red mangrove along the waters of the Banana River in a very remote area on the mainland. The red mangrove trees are much larger than those encountered along the Florida coast in the area of the Ten Thousand Islands. The Banana River is a winding twisted stretch of blackwater cutting for several miles through a lowland swamp along the coast of Bahia Almirante.

The photo in the center is of Thomas McCroskey headed skyward in an area of primary forest on Isla Colon

. To the right of the photo in the center is one of Thomas again. Along with Tom Lyon and Bill Maher atop the treetop platform used by ITEC for field observation of the forest canopy.

The photo in the lower right hand corner shows Abe Winters heading skyward into one of the red mangroves along the Banana River.

The photo in the lower left corner is of Tom Lyon with Enrique Dixon, our guide and general source of all information pertaining to anything, and his wife at their home and farm.

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