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2006 Panama Expedition

Author: jmaher
Date: February 20, 2006
Wild Bill has already presented an article relating to our Rainforest Expedition climb in January 2006. I will post some photos here and on another page to let everybody take a look at what we were doing.

In the upper left photo above is Ron Zohar, a traveler who showed up at Boca Del Drago as our rainforest climbing was about to begin. Ron joined us on a climb to our treetop platform which the students at ITEC use for forest observation and for training climbs.

To Ron’s right is Thomas McCroskey, shown as he climbs the big prioria that houses the ITEC platform.

The photo at mid-left is Old Man Winters himself as he heads up into the canopy. Abe’s persistent use of the body thrust makes for some slow climbing but he usually gets there, nevertheless.

The photo at mid-right shows Tom Lyons sitting atop a really big Virola tree at more than one hundred forty feet above the forest floor. The top of the tree ends in a nub with a series of radiating branches surrounding the nub. Tom conceded that it wasn’t nearly as crazy a position as it might seem and wasn’t intimidated by the exposure at all.

The photo on the lower left is of Kathryn Herrold, a climbing student, who showed up looking for the opportunity to find out what recreational climbing was all about. Kathryn is shown here at one hundred and fifty feet in the same tree from which the photo of Tom Lyons was taken.

Lower right shows our group before we took on the challenge of climbing the “Graduation Tree”, a large ceiba that stands alone on the edge of pasture and climbs skyward to almost a hundred and seventy five feet at its highest branches.

More photos of our recreational climbing expedition will appear shortly on another page.

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