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Climbing Outside The Internet Loop

Author: Will Isaacson
Date: April 15, 2006
Most of us probably haven't thought about it, but we should be aware that there are a lot of people climbing trees who don't do computers. I must plead guilty to sometimes thinking that the only people who climb are the same people that I regularly see visiting the web sites and posting messages at the forums. One of the best tree climbers that I know doesn't own a computer, wouldn't use one if he had one, and except for my occasional conversations with him is unaware of what takes place on the web.

Think about it. The only people who ever come to the get-togethers are the people that know about it from reading about it on the websites. The only get-togethers that we know about are the ones talked about on the websites. The only people that climb of whom we are aware, are the others like ourselves who spend time at our keyboards.

I wonder how many other climbers there are out there whose existence is hidden from us because they do not use a computer. How much talent, how many ideas, what climbing experiences are out there of which we on our computers are unaware. What could we learn if we could talk to these people and tap into their skill base?

Even among those who use computers there are many who never look at recreational climbing. As a climber involved in canopy research who admittedly climbs as much for adventure as for research I am aware of a great number of people in research who climb regularly but who will never take the time, or have any inclination, to find out what is going on with the recreational side of tree climbing.

I don't know of any way to get to all of the people out there who are climbing but who do not take part in our conversations on the computer. We should not let ourselves forget that there are experienced and talented climbers of whom we may be unaware. Do any of you who might read this have any ideas as to how the knowledge and ideas of these people could be made available to us all?

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