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Climbing In Singapore And Malaysia

Author: Johnnie Wong
Date: April 25, 2007
Hi, my name is Johnnie Wong and I am resident in my city state of Singapore. I am 63yrs old and fully retired from work. I learned basic tree climbing from a young Singapore lady, Valerie Law, when I was 58yrs old. I believe she was taught by Peter Jenkins when she was in the States some years ago. Perhaps Peter can confirm this.

I really enjoy tree climbing and it has become a passion for me. I only hope God will be kind enough to let me enjoy this recreation for as long as possible. As my photo 'essay' shows, I was suffering from quite a bad case of spinal stenosis. Anyway, the operation was extremely successful and here I am, at my computer, connecting to all of you everywhere in the world sharing the same interest as me. Singapore has a lot of 'climbable' trees of medium height but, as usual, permission has to be sought before one can go up the tree.

Now, I am venturing beyond Singapore into neighboring Malaysia. The jungles there are very interesting and definitely will have tall and large trees to climb. I hope you enjoy my submission to Treeclimbing Coalition and to discover there is some crazy old guy down there enjoying tree climbing. My other interests are butterflies in the wild, bird watching and Radio control slope soaring model gliders. I am single with a very nice girlfriend from Thailand.

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