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Girl Scouts Go Climbing

Author: Girl Scouts
Date: October 17, 2007
Ed.:On the last Sunday in September, the local Girl Scout Council had a climb with Treeclimbing USA at TCUSA’s Lake Horton climbing area. Fifty girl scouts climbed that day and the following reports are from three of those climbers. I thought everyone would be interested to know how well-received this activity is among the Girl Scouts Of America.

The Tree Climb by Tori Conner

WOW! I saw a huge tree with ropes hanging down as I walked into the woods. There was another tree, but it wasn't so high. There were four guys there. They told us what to do and what not to do. They showed most of the parents how to strap us in our gear and our helmets so they could help us. When I started climbing I was scared, but I got the hang of it. Whenever I went on the big tree I was excited! All the girls in my troop were very excited. Some of us climbed high and some of us stayed low. I was going to sit on a branch, but I didn't. That was O.K., though. A few of the girls were standing on the branches and some were even swinging off the branch and back on the branch. I even got to hang upside down on the rope! That was scary until I realized how safe I was! I did learn to use the rope to get to where I was going. Then we had to leave, but the most important thing is that I had the best time with girl scouts on our tree climb!

My Tree Climbing Experience by Kelly O’Shaughnessy

My tree climbing experience was a great one! First Mr.Abe told us everything we needed to know about tree climbing. Then, he sent us to Rod, Joe, or John to get harnessed up. Then he demonstrated how to do the climbing. He showed us what everything was, what everything did, and how to work everything. Then we went to a tree and started to climb. I chose the smaller tree first to get the feel of it. Then, I moved on to the bigger tree. What an experience that was! At first I was a little scared. But, then I got moving faster, and faster, and faster. I think I was upside down three times. It was really fun because you know you are not going to fall out of the harnesses. The second time I climbed, I tried to get over to a limb so I could swing. That didn't turn out so well. I think I was too far away from the tree. The third time I climbed I was close enough to a branch that I could swing. My mom helped me up at first, but then I got the hang of it and started swinging. Swinging is when you sit back in your harness and jump. It is really, really fun. The first limb you get to is probably forty-five or fifty feet above the ground. The second one is probably fifty or fifty-five.

Then there is the swinging chair. That was the most fun thing I did all day! It is sixty feet off the ground and very relaxing! I was in it for about ten minutes and it is very comfortable. If you ever go tree climbing, try to get as close as possible to the swing. Then I had to bring the swing down at the end. That was really fun. I had to grab on to the knot on my rope, but at the same time I had to sit in the seat of the swing and pull it down. But in the end it all was just good fun! If you ever want to go tree climbing go to Tree Climbing USA in Fayetteville, Georgia. You won't regret it! It was one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life! Come try it out!

The Tree Climbing Event by Whitley Fowler

I had a ton of fun at the tree climbing event! This was my third time to go tree climbing. The first rope I climbed today was attached to a long branch. I pulled myself up on the branch and walked back and forth without holding onto anything. I even swung off the branch one time. That was really fun. My friend and I were climbing near each other and she was swinging on this other branch near me. On the branch I climbed on there were four other girls on it too and we all swung together. It was cool! If you didn’t climb to the top of your branch you could just hang in the air. Just sitting in the air was relaxing. One time I hung upside down. That was awesome! I had a great time. People should go out and climb if they ever get a chance.

Tree climbing is AWESOME! by Liana DeJourdan

Tree climbing is AWESOME!It’s adventurous, but you need to be brave! When you’re way up on the top of those wild branches it’s so scary but don’t worry, they’ve got you covered! You’re hooked safely and securely on to hooks and on to ropes tied to the very top tree branches. If you’re not yet satisfied then take it from me, You’re Safe!

If you seem to be afraid of going on the high tree, they have another tree too. That tree is short but still super fun! This is a great experience that I will always remember. This is a safe, fun, and daring adventure that is so willing to be taken. Its great fun for your family too! Take this great and fun advice from Liana DeJourdan!

Need A Rush? by Katie Mullen

Have you been waiting for that extra adrenaline rush lately? Well here’s an idea…go tree climbing. Doesn’t sound exciting? Well how about getting hooked up to some harnesses and climbing up an oak tree 65 feet in the air. How 'bout that for an idea?

Hello! My name is Katie and I recently went tree climbing with my sister and her Girl Scout Troop. When we walked up to the tree climbing area, we were greeted by four friendly men. They talked to us a little bit about what we were going to be doing, then hooked us all up into harnesses. After that the men picked a volunteer and gave us a demonstration of how we were going to climb the huge trees. Next thing I knew, I was climbing up and away. I was having so much fun I was actually the first one to get on a branch. Then one of the men came over and talked me through standing up on a branch of one of the trees. After awhile I was helping other girls up onto the branch. I have to say, though, that the most fun I had tree climbing was to stand up on the branch, lean back and push off. Now you’d be swinging about 40 feet in the air.

I would recommend this tree climbing experience because it is not the same as rock climbing or rappelling. It is unique and special in its own way. I hope you have a chance to try tree climbing one day. After a long day of swinging, jumping, climbing I was worn out but exhilarated by the experience. I would definitely do it again – in fact I am going back in December!!!

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