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Big Weekend

Author: jmaher, Hunabku, SwampFox, WildBill, JCorey, GFell
Date: August 31, 2008
Big Weekend Of Climbing

We started out thinking we were going to be teaching a basic climbing class this Labor Day weekend, but the students never showed and instead we got Hunabku, his wife, Susie, Glen Fell, SwampFox, Jcorey, WildBill, and myself.

On Saturday we loaded up the vehicles and headed out to the edge of the Tray Mountain Wilderness Area for some climbing in the woods. This was very nice. After three and a half months in Central America it was quite nice for me to be climbing in eighty degree weather instead of ninety degree weather and climbing in sixty percent humidity instead of one hundred percent humidity.

The rest of the crowd picked a couple of tall tulip poplars and started doing traverses while I wandered off to climb myself a really huge white oak overlooking an awesome vista of the mountains.

On Sunday we were all here at the farm and it became a show-and-tell session. Wild Bill and SwampFox demonstrated their Magic Flying Carpet and their "Air" Chair. Hunabku then broke out Ron's bigshot with the "Reese Trigger Release". Jim Corey got introduced to Texas style SRT, doing changeovers for descent, and finished by allowing Hunabku to perform an SRT rescue of himself.

The "Air" chair was the highlight of the morning, with Susie taking a ride into the canopy as the rest of the crew hauled her up. She was ecstatic. We may be able to get her climbing yet.

Although there has been a bit of controversy concerning the use of the bigshot with the "Reeses Trigger Release" let me say that I saw no reason whatsoever for concern. The thing works awesomely and there is no more danger, in my opinion, in using it than in using the bigshot in normal mode. All of the controversy seems a bit silly to me!

It was a wonderful weekend that just developed spontaneously as it progressed. Oh!...and I haven't even mentioned the wonderful dinner prepared by SwampFox and his wife Brenda that we all enjoyed Saturday night before going on to a big bonfire at the farm. It was a grand weekend for climbing.

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