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Today is:March 16, 2017

Are you really gonna climb on that Scaffold Hitch?

Author: Oak
Date: December 15, 2010

By: Sam "Oak" Johnson

This is supplementary course material I have prepared for some of my students, but I thought the folks here might enjoy it as well. Keep in mind that this series is intended to spark discussion and critical thinking - it is not substitute for instruction. Please don't hurt or kill yourself. More installments are on the way!

Inspired by Hunabku’s constant question, the AYRGCOT series aims to:

-Examine the potential for errors, so as to better avoid them.
-Discuss methods of mitigating this error potential.
-Consider our application and misapplication of climbing tools to inspire versatility.
-Practice the essential skill of system analysis.

Take a moment to examine the proposed knots and answer the question in your own head:
Are you really gonna climb on both of these scaffold hitches?

When looking at new systems, climbers generally seem offer one of five responses:
1. No, it’s dangerous.
2. System looks good, I’d climb on it anytime.
3. Not best practice, but it’ll hold in an extreme emergency.
4. I’d use once but not regularly - It doesn’t function the way I prefer.
5. The system/knot/tool is unfamiliar - so better to not climb on it.

For the mental exercise, lets try to decide between the first three.

Here’s the video discussion of the knot:

Caution: Spoilers!

Discussion thread can be found here.

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