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Thoughts On Accreditation

Author: W. Isaacson
Date: February 03, 2004
Thoughts On Accreditation

As expressed by a number of different people in a number of different places, recreational tree climbing is in need of becoming a recognized and accredited activity. Everywhere that I go, when it comes to seeking permission to climb trees, people are asking for indications that I am involved in a legitimate adventure activity that has wide acceptance. In order to contend with the doubts expressed by these people I am in need of documentation attesting to my legitimacy as one who likes to climb trees and who is interested in being able to demonstrate and teach the activity to others. The sad fact is that such documentation does not exist, or, if it does exist, it is not available to me to have in hand when I come before those wanting to see it.

Are there those of you out there who are in possession of such documentation? Do any of you have any paperwork that could be shown to others which demonstrates that you are involved in an accredited activity? Do any of you keep records of those you teach to climb or of those with whom you climb? Are there figures available that show how many people are climbing trees in a recreational capacity? If so, then this is the sort of stuff that those wanting documentation are looking for.

If there are those of you out there who are in possession of such information, would it be too much to ask that you share it? Placing all such information in a common file available to all who need it would greatly facilitate those who need to have such information in hand when they go before those whose permission and sanction they seek in order to climb.

On the home page of this website it is stated that one of the primary goals of the Tree Climber's Coalition is to work toward acceptance and accreditation of recreational tree climbing. If that is the true goal, then this site would be a wonderful place for the collection, storage, and dissemination of such information and documentation. Consider it.

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