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Today is:March 16, 2017

Who's Who in Tree Climbing

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Name: Brad "Dietley" Dietrich
Location: British Columbia

Brad (Dietley) Dietrich is a climber-in-progress from Vancouver Island, BC, just to the north of Washington State. He stumbled upon recreational tree climbing through his attraction to trees and tree houses, and instantly fell in love. He already liked ropes and knots, and was fascinated by carabiners, pulleys, and other climbing hardware, so the love, obviously, was meant to be. He's not very fit, not very talented, and not very clever, but he is a moderately decent machinist. He has used his handcrafted widgets to bribe climbing secrets out of the best and brightest minds in RTCs elite cognoscenti, yet calls himself "self-taught." Brad hopes that recreational tree climbing becomes more popular, especially in his part of Canada, because climbing is best when shared with friends."

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