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Today is:March 16, 2017

Who's Who in Tree Climbing

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Name: Matt Howarth
Location: Rhode Island

Matt Howarth, known as "Chicken" lives in Rhode Island. He states, “ I'm an Ironworker, local 37 Providence. I discovered RTC while researching rappeling online. I figured trees are alot easier to find than cliffs. I've got trees right here in my yard, might as well use'em for something. I've always enjoyed Knots and rigging. I enjoy the decision making, and problem solving that goes along with moving within trees. I'd like to get formal training in vertical rope work someday. Climbing trees is the best stress reliever I've found yet, and it made me realize that people never look up. It is a pleasure being involved with this group. I hope to attend the group events, including the annual Panama trip in the future.

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