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Today is:March 16, 2017

Who's Who in Tree Climbing

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Name: Harv "Ponderosa" Teitelbaum
Location: Colorado

From the foothills of the Colorado Rockies comes "Ponderosa" Harv Teitelbaum. Harv had been content to merely wander the front range forests, taking groups on wildlife education tours, until he learned about recreational tree climbing. Now he leads groups into the trees, combining his expertise in environmental education and ecopsychology with his love of tree climbing. When not doing group climbs, Harv likes to surf the Chinooks from the top of a ponderosa, watching the sun set behind the Divide. Before starting Tree Climbing Colorado (.com), Harv worked with the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Douglas County Soil Conservation District. He also helped run a youth mentoring program for Littleton teenagers post Columbine, and operated a Baskin-Robbins for fifteen years. If you're passing through Colorado, give Harv a call at 303.526.2904. Harv says it's always a great day for tree climbing. "

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